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Protecting Your Tropical Plants When Temperatures Turn Cold in Palmetto, FL

Excessive frost damage can be the end for many tropical plants. When it comes to plant life in Florida, it is rare that a drop in temperature happens abruptly, but when it does it is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent permanent damage should frost or a freeze occur.

When temperatures decrease gradually during the year, as they tend to do slowly through fall and into winter, plants can acclimate themselves to the changing weather. Preparing for pre and post freeze are important to keep your tropical plants healthy and thriving in the winter months.

Preparing for a freeze in Florida.

Knowing the climate well helps both gardeners and landscapers successfully tend to plants in a tropical climate like Florida that risks dips in temperature. Working with professional landscapers, like Three Seasons, will leave the care to the pros. However, the following are steps you can take to assure the best survival of your tropical plants during a freeze.

  1. Plant site selection. Microclimates are important to consider when installing plants or landscaping. Microclimates, areas that are cooler or warmer, wetter or drier, than other areas, will make a big difference during a freeze. Avoid threat to sensitive plants by keeping them out of low areas where cold can settle. Soil should have good drainage to avoid roots going weak or cold injury.
  2. Proper nutrition. Healthy plants that are well nourished will survive cold much better and recover rapidly from cold injury...
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Getting More Blooms From Your Bougainvilleas

Few flowers festoon the space they occupy with as much beauty as the Bougainvillea. It's radiant colors are a hallmark of the captivating flora found throughout the Palmetto, FL area. However, at times this flamboyant cornerstone of Floridian gardens may demonstrate a resistance to bearing the blooms upon which its reputation was founded. Our team of experts at Three Seasons have some helpful solutions for ensuring the health of your Bougainvillea.


Sunlight is the ransom necessary for your Bougainvillea to release the bloom it holds captive. Five hours or more of direct sunlight daily are required for your plants to obtain the necessary nutrients for it to show off its dazzling palette of colors. If you want yours blooming to its full potential, it is essential to ensure that it receives the requisite amount of daily sun exposure.

Wetter is not Better

Bougainvilleas thrive in arid climates, and routine watering by systematized irrigation devices can prevent your Bougainvillea from bursting forth with floral flamboyance. Experienced growers often water-stress the plants into blooming, depriving them of hydration for protracted periods of time, and then rendering water when the leaves begin to show signs of wilting.

Pruning at the Wrong Time

In addition to new love, rain showers, and longer days, spring in Palmetto, FL is the time for pruning your Bougainvillea! Comprehensive pruning in the spring will render lush, full...

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What to keep in mind when starting a hardscaping project.

Hardscaping refers to the design, layout, and installation of the portions of your yard that are not alive, such as custom pavers, fireplaces and fire pits, pathways, and more. However, as countless of clients throughout the Palmetto, FL area can attest, a professionally-conceived hardscaping installation can bring your lawn to life with your personalized vision.

There are several things to bear in mind before beginning the exciting process of innervating your yard with hardscaping. Some of these factors include:

How the climate will affect your hardscaping project.

How will different materials fare against the Florida sun? Should you install something that assists with the drainage of rainwater? How does the weather during our rainy season contribute to erosion? These are all factors that must be considered when choosing the materials to be used for your project.

Every piece of the design must be taken into account.

Whether your goal is to create intricate edging that creates concise, geometric separation of different types of plants in your yard, or to replicate the majestic splendor of nature with a rock retention wall that integrates seamlessly with the environment around it, the design plan must account for every piece. Hardscaping is not something you want to "wing". Having a good plan that is as detailed as possible will help to ensure the outcome is exactly what you desire.

Prepare for obstacles such as building codes and...

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Popular annual flowers and plantings for fall in Central Florida.

October is the start of our dry season in Palmetto, FL. Finally, after the hot rainy summer we've had this year; cooler dryer weather is just around the corner. Here in Central Florida, we usually plan for a six-month dry season starting at the end of October into the first of November. There are many great flowers and plants that thrive during the winter months. This is also the best time for growing produce and herbs.

Local growers have already begun plowing and planting their crops. October is the perfect time for our local strawberry growers to plant their fields. We all enjoy those fresh juicy berries grown right here in Central Florida. For our clients that enjoy gardening at their home, this is a great time to plant cool season vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, carrots, cauliflower, collards, tomatoes and cabbage.

Popular flowers we plant during the fall in Palmetto, FL.

Fall is the perfect time for us to plant flowers and we fill our customer's landscaping beds with them. The most popular fall annual flowers we plant in the Palmetto/Bradenton area include:

  • Impatiens
  • Petunias
  • Geraniums
  • Snapdragons
  • Pansies

These flowers thrive in our cooler winter months. This is also the perfect time to plant a beautiful rose bush at your home.

When we plant your new annuals we recommend a slow-release fertilizer and a 2-3 inch thick layer of new mulch. Fertilizer helps keep your flowers healthy and...

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Fall is coming, what should you be doing to maintain your lawn/landscaping in September?

Maintaining your lawn and landscaping in Palmetto, FL and surrounding areas is a year round task. September is the start of fall, and here in Florida, we want our landscaping and lawns to look great all year.

Trimming and checking the health of your trees, shrubs, bushes and ornamentals in your landscaping.

During September, you should prune your trees and all major plants in your landscaping beds. If you want beautiful blooms for the holidays from your Poinsettias, a good rule of thumb is to never prune after September 10th.

This is also the time to look for problems in your plants. Check all ornamentals for any insects, fungus and any other diseases. Palm trees should be treated with copper fungicide to help control bud rot and leaf spots throughout the fall. September is also still a great time for us to plant new palm trees.

Prune lightly and look out for pests on your citrus trees!

Tropical / Citrus trees should be very lightly pruned, only if they need it and checked often for whiteflies, scales and aphids. We recommend all our customers watch out for any pest on their citrus trees. For example, the citrus Bud Mite typically attacks lemon trees. These pests usually peak in the summer, but the lemon blooms are most at risk during the summer and fall. September is the perfect time for Bud Mites, and many other insects to infect your citrus trees.

Fertilizing and weed control for your lawn.

Treating your lawn with a complete fertilizer...

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Our new website has been launched live!

At Three Seasons, we would like to announce the launch of our new, state-of-the-art website. Our new website features more information about the lawn, landscape and hardscape services we provide, as well as more information about our local Florida plant and palm tree nursery in Palmetto, FL. Here is a list of some things you can expect to find on our new website:

  • Detailed descriptions of our lawn maintenance, landscaping and hardscape services.
  • Detailed description of our Florida plant and palm tree nursery.
  • Lots of photos of our services and nursery.
  • New email newsletter sign up for our customers to get deals and tips.
  • Integrated blog where we'll be constantly posting about industry news, answers to common questions, seasonal reminders, tips and more!
  • In-depth look at our recent projects, featuring a series of images and detailed description of the services provided.

Where will the website go from here?

We realize most people rely upon the Internet to find quality lawn, landscape and hardscape contractors. We will be very pro-active in our approach by not only expanding our website, but also our social media presence and engagement with our customers. If you come back often, you'll find that we are constantly updating our blog, our projects and our social media.

One element we are striving to improve is our engagement with customers online. We encourage you to comment on our blog posts, our projects and profiles on social media like Facebook....

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