Is your property ready for an upgrade? By investing in your curb appeal and outdoor living space, you add value to your property that can be seen and utilized for years. There are many ways to upgrade your landscape which, in turn, increase your property value.

Enhance your home and reap the benefits by putting your money where it counts. Investing in stunning hardscape features such as a new patio and a new fire pit will make your outdoor living area much more enjoyable, especially here in Florida, where we can enjoy the outdoors year-round! From there, take your outdoor space to the next level and set the ambiance with landscape lighting.

1. Design & Install a New Patio

Patio installed for a backyard in Lakeland Ranch, FL.

One of the major ways to upgrade your outdoor living space and increase your property value is by building a patio. A patio serves as a space to host outdoor events and entertain your friends and family. It provides you with an outdoor area where you can relax when you add furniture and other amenities to it. When designing a patio, you can actually style it in a variety of different ways to suit your personal aesthetic. You can use different materials like concrete pavers, cobblestones, or flagstones to build a sturdy, yet stylish patio. Another reason to build a patio is that it can serve as the foundation for future landscaping projects if you want to further enhance your outdoor living area. For example, you can use this new space to start other projects like a fire pit or seating wall!

2. Install a New Fire Pit

Patio with seating wall and fire pit installed in Palmetto, FL.

If you’re looking to enhance your patio or outdoor living space even further, then you should consider installing a fire pit. Fire pits provide a designated space where your friends and family can gather to relax and exchange stories. In fact, fire pits are the perfect addition for those chilly nights when you want to unwind outside. When deciding to build a fire pit, you have the option of choosing a wood or gas-burning one. A wood-burning fire pit mimics that campfire feeling as you listen to the wood crackling and that smoky aroma fills our outdoor area. A gas-burning fire pit, on the other hand, provides you with the convenience of having an instant fire in case you want to entertain guests quickly. No matter which option you choose, a fire pit makes the perfect addition to your outdoor living space and can increase your property value!

Provide your guests with a place to sit by building a seating wall around your fire pit!

3. Install Landscape Lighting

Silhouette lighting installed for palm trees in Anna Maria, FL.

You can take your outdoor living space to new heights by installing landscape lighting. Landscape lighting ensures that your time outside doesn’t have to come to an end after the sun goes down. By the flip of a switch or turn of a knob, you can have beautiful ambient lighting to accentuate your landscape. Light up pathways, driveways, and your patio so guests aren’t stumbling in the dark. But landscape lighting isn’t just a functional feature to keep you outside. By using a variety of different lighting techniques, you can highlight certain features like trees, other hardscaping features, and even certain architectural features of your home to create this breathtaking visual of your property.

Invest in your property today with a new patio, fire pit, and landscape lighting!

There are so many ways homeowners can invest in their outdoor living space. These upgrades are well worth your time and money, especially here in Florida! Our company proudly offers patio, fire pit, and landscape lighting installation services in and around Palmetto, FL, including Parrish and Bradenton. If you are ready to invest in your property with our hardscape installation services, give us a call today at (941) 748-4613.