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4 Popular Paver Patterns to Consider for Your New Patio

A patio is a great addition to any outdoor living space, providing a spot to enjoy the beautiful weather year-round here in Florida. If you're looking to install a new patio, there are several types of paver patterns you'll want to consider to make it stand out, including basketweave, herringbone, running bond, and stack bond. Each pattern has its own unique look that can make your patio stylish and complex or simple and neat; you can choose which one best suits your personal preferences! Keep reading to find out more about these beautiful paver patterns to consider for your new patio!

1. Basketweave

Basket weave patterned patio installed in Palmetto, FL.

Basketweave is a popular paver pattern frequently used for patios and is a great one to consider for yours. This pattern consists of alternating between vertical and horizontal pavers to mimic the design of a woven basket, hence the name. One great thing about this pattern is that it has a lot of versatility - it can be made as simple or as complex as you'd like. For example, you can change the direction of the pavers and place them at a 45-degree angle so that the design is diagonal across the patio. Another way to change up the basketweave pattern is to ...

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Looking To Install a New Patio on Your Property? Follow These 3 Tips!

Patios are a great addition to any outdoor property, but there are a few things you should consider before installing one. First, you want to choose a material that is durable and will last a long time, especially with the weather conditions here in Florida. Next, you should consider investing in a design rendering so you know what the finished product will look like before installation begins. Finally, you should take the time to ensure you hire the right company to install your patio.

1. Choose a material for your new patio that is durable and can withstand the elements.

Pavers for patio installed in a backyard in Safety Harbor, FL.

When installing a new patio, you want to make sure you choose durable materials that will stand the test of time. After all, the last thing you want is for your investment to become damaged, especially so soon after installation. Not only that, but the weather fluctuates a lot here in Florida, so it’s important to choose materials that can withstand the elements year-round. Here are some popular options that you can choose from:

  • Concrete pavers: Concrete pavers are highly durable, versatile, and weatherproof. They also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so you can ...
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Save Your Landscape From Erosion With Retaining Walls

Having sloped land on your property can be challenging, especially in Florida. The rainy weather coupled with a sloped yard is a recipe for soil erosion issues. Luckily, retaining walls can help immensely with this. Retaining walls are a decorative way to add something completely functional to your property. They add usable space to your property, allow the soil in your garden beds to stay put even when it rains, and they even help prevent chemicals from your fertilizer from running off into nearby bodies of water.

Use a retaining wall to stabilize soil and add usable space to your property.

Retaining wall on sloped side of yard in Bradenton, FL.

Having a sloped property means that you have limited landscape design options. Many features like patios and garden beds cannot be placed on uneven land, mainly because of the erosion issues that are present. Adding a retaining wall will take care of the erosion issues by holding your soil in place. From there, you have many different landscape design options for your newly flattened space! For example, you can add a new patio, which can then serve as the base for many different creative outdoor living area designs. Once you lay a patio, you can add a table and chairs for...

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Landscape & Your Property Value

Is your property ready for an upgrade? By investing in your curb appeal and outdoor living space, you add value to your property that can be seen and utilized for years. There are many ways to upgrade your landscape which, in turn, increase your property value.

Enhance your home and reap the benefits by putting your money where it counts. Investing in stunning hardscape features such as a new patio and a new fire pit will make your outdoor living area much more enjoyable, especially here in Florida, where we can enjoy the outdoors year-round! From there, take your outdoor space to the next level and set the ambiance with landscape lighting.

1. Design & Install a New Patio

Patio installed for a backyard in Lakeland Ranch, FL.

One of the major ways to upgrade your outdoor living space and increase your property value is by building a patio. A patio serves as a space to host outdoor events and entertain your friends and family. It provides you with an outdoor area where you can relax when you add furniture and other amenities to it. When designing a patio, you can actually style it in a variety of different ways to suit your personal aesthetic. You can use different materials like concrete pavers, cobblestones,...

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Retaining Wall vs Seating Wall - Which One Should You Choose?

While retaining walls and seating walls may seem similar at first glance, they are actually very different and serve two different purposes. Retaining walls can help reduce soil erosion, they can add usable flat space to properties that are built on a slope, and you can even add a raised planter bed to them to increase their aesthetic appeal.

Seating walls on the other hand are designed to provide extra seating space to guests. They can be built around fire pits or outdoor kitchens to provide convenient seating. In addition to their functionality, they also will enhance the aesthetics of your property. If you can't decide which option is right for you, here are some more details about them to help you choose what suits your outdoor space best!

Retaining Walls Address Erosion Issues & More

Retaining wall installed for a landscape bed in Holmes Beach, FL.

If your property faces severe issues with soil erosion, a retaining wall is the option that you'll need. Retaining walls are structures that are designed to hold the soil in place and prevent it from eroding. Installing a retaining wall will also increase the usable space on your property by flattening out areas that were once sloped. What's more, you can even add...

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